AstrillVPN Review

This service is the best of all possible

You must install the software. Installation standard. A virtual share card Astrill SSL VPN will be installed – it is necessary to hide the use of your VPN provider. After installation, you must restart the computer. Next, you can customize the program settings or start using without additional configuration.

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connection diagram astrillvpn


Encryption scan

To determine the encryption, we will use the site with IP State without encryption (to view the source data): the browser directly accesses the site and receives a direct response:

no vpn use sourse code data

All data is transmitted openly. They can be intercepted and viewed.

Switch on Astrill VPN:

Astrillvpn on

When connected, we get IP

astrillvpn encryption

evpn data astrillvpn

The browser ( accesses the server AstrillVPN, the server responds to the browser. Both exchange the encryption key.

Data browser (red) – server AstrillVPN(blue), data encryption:

astrillvpn encryption browser to server data

DNS leak test

astrill vpn dns test

astrill dns test no leakage.



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