SecurityKISS VPN Review

SecurityKISS VPN Review


When connected, you can see Local IP and External IP and other settings. In the settings you can choose the connection options:

securitykiss select servers


When connected, they change Local IP and External IP.

securitykiss connect


Consider the connection UDP that is offered by default

select security gateway securitykiss


Connection diagram

SecurityKISS udp connection

Leal DNS: Yes

securitykiss leak dns

Data browser – TAP-9 – WAN:

Data browser - TAP-9 - WAN udp

line 49: The data are transmitted in unencrypted form:

data no encryption form

Data browser – Local – VPN – WAN:

udp data


Consider the connection TCP:

tcp connection securitykiss

Data browser – Local – VPN – WAN:

tcp connection data

Wiring diagram remains the same, but there is data encryption (browser – VPN Server):

encryption data tcp securitykiss

A leak DNS exists for any connection.





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